Lance Wiseman Concert Pianist

Impeccable attention to the score and stylistic authenticity form the foundation for interpretive depth which elevates the music to a new sensitivity and spiritual dimension while still preserving the composer’s intentions.  His approach reaches a balance of clarity of interpretation and structure, combined with warmth and sensitivity, which has made him a favorite among learned and lay audiences alike!

Lance Wiseman has garnered an international reputation as an ambassador of the piano music, including performances in Greece, Switzerland, Berlin, London, France, and the United States.

Arts International Concerto Soloists is a Philadelphia based professional string orchestra conducted by Lance Wiseman which is presented in concerts by  Arts International.  Over the past decade, Arts International Concerto Soloists has performed diverse repertoire from Beethoven to Tchaikovsky as well as presenting pops concerts.

They have performed concerts for charitable causes such as the James A. Michener Museum, re-invite at Pearl S. Buck International, re-invite at Fosterfields Living Historical Farm museum, re-invite at Willows Park Preserve (Villanova, PA), the Phila. Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, re-invite at Cheltenham Township Library System (PA), and Peter Wentz Farmstead museum.

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