Repertoire of Concerti with Orchestra
*All works with an asterisk are/may be performed with string orchestra; Shostakovich Concerto #1 only needs the addition of a solo trumpet.
**Schonberg Concerto is to be performed with full chamber orchestra.
*C. P. E. Bach Concerti Wq 23 (H427), Wq 26 (H430) Wq 33 (H 443); Wq 47 (H479), Wq43:4 (H 474)
*Johann Christian Bach Concerti op. 7, 1 through 6a and 6b (2 versions)
*Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach Concerto WF 11:1
*Wilhelm Friedmann Bach Concerto FK 43:
J. S. Bach Concerti WV 1052 through 1056, BWV 1058; also Fifth Brandenberg
Bartok Concerto #1
Beethoven Concerto #1
Concerto #2
Concerto #3
Concerto #4
Concerto #5
Brahms Concerto #2
*Britten Young Apollo for piano, string quartet, and string orchestra (full string orchestra)
Chopin Concerto #1
Grieg Concerto
*Haydn Concerti Hob xviii:3, Hob xviii:4, Hob xviii:11
Liszt Concerto #1
Concerto #2
*Malediction S. 121
Mendelssohn Concerto #2
Mozart Concerto K 175 in D major
Concerto K 271 in E flat major
KV 413 through KV 415, KV 449 (may be performed with string orchestra, in accordance with Mozart’s own directions)
Concerto K 453 in G major
Concerto K 467 in C major
Concerto in A major K. 488
Concerto K 491 in C minor
Concerto K 503 in C major
Concerto K 595 in B flat major
Perischetti Concerto
Prokofiev Concerto #3
Rachmaninov Concerto #2
Concerto #3
Ravel Concerto for the Left Hand
Saint-Säens Concerto #1
Concerto #4
*Valse Caprice for piano and strings (the one which was originally written for solo violin with piano accompaniment)
Schoenberg Concerto
*Schubert Adagio and Rondo Concertante D. 487 (was originally piano qaurtet)
Schumann Concerto
Shostakovich Concerto #1 (to be performed with string orchestra plus the addition of solo trumpet)
Tchaikovsky Concerto #1
*Vivaldi Concerto RV 128