Lance Wiseman Concert Pianist

Listen to video recording of YouTube Livestream virtual benefit concert, (originally livestreamed May 2, 2021)
“Timeless Classics”, featuring a free livestream with Lance Wiseman performing the remaining movements of Rachmaninov’s Concerto #3 (arranged for piano solo). Distinguished guest artists were featured on varying instruments. In addition to classical music, Russian folk music was also featured.
  Listen to Previous Virtual Concert
Nov. 29, 2020 – Virtual Concert (YouTube Livestream) “Time Out with Romantic Favorites” featuring Lance Wiseman: performed duets with members of Arts International Ensemble: featuring romantic favorites and lesser known works by Rebecca Clarke and Adolf Misek, also featuring solo piano arrangement of Concerto #3 by Rachmaninov: 1st movement (arranged for solo piano by Lance Wiseman)

Impeccable attention to the score and stylistic authenticity form the foundation for interpretive depth which elevates the music to a new sensitivity and spiritual dimension while still preserving the composer’s intentions.  His approach reaches a balance of clarity of interpretation and structure, combined with warmth and sensitivity, which has made him a favorite among learned and lay audiences alike!

Lance Wiseman has garnered an international reputation as an ambassador of the piano music, including performances in Greece, Switzerland, Berlin, London, France, and the United States.