Virtuosity & Versatility

Virtuosity & Versatility
Many pianists, although proficient, lack “heart”. Lance Wiseman is a serious pianist who interprets with depth and is never detached from his audience. The Zuricher Zeitung expounded upon this using the following words.
“…solid ability of interpretation and sensitivity to express even the dreamily poetical.” “…exceed the written music yet preserve its musical meaning and above all fit logically into the complete structure.”
His love of music is immediately detectable as he reaches beyond a penetrating interpretation into the spiritual realm.
In addition to being an “artist’s artist”, Mr. Wiseman’s ease and versatility allows him to be equally at home at community concert series, where his inventiveness, charisma, and occasional humor combine with his natural talent for evaluating his audiences’ needs. In addition to selecting repertoire which is both accessible and “catchy”, his programs are often organized according to a theme (i.e. light classics, classics of a particular ethnic genre, holiday classics, jazz which parodies classical music, etc.) When performing light classics and jazz, Wiseman’s playing “touches his audiences’ hearts” every bit as much as in the most sublime masterpieces. Providing the appropriate flair and humor, he shrewdly creates a musical experience filled with charm and fun. Visit the Listening Corner, to hear any of his pre-recorded and live performances (visual as well as audio) to see why he is so popular with audiences.

Lance Wiseman’s “pops” style concerts have become popular as fund raising events, increasing ticket sales due to their uniqueness and universal appeal. He has been a boon to arts organizations.